Collection: VIP Product Launch 22 & Promotion [ Ends Nov 15th ]

At this point, the designs below are only offered to VIP members. I have made this page undiscoverable on searches & no pages should link to this "Secret" VIP Page. We wanted to give our regulars the first choice :-) If you are a VIP member please check your email for the promotion code. 

We only do this Promotion Once-A-Year, so if you want in, now is the time. The closing date is Tuesday 15th November 2022 at midnight EST time ( GMT - 5 hours ) There are only a few samples available in stock & usually, they sell out very fast (sometimes within hours) We can make more after the first batch has gone, however, we need to allow around 6 weeks.

The 2022 promotion has now ended, however, we plan to do it all over again around October / November 2023. If you have any suggestions for designs you would like to see next time around, please let us know.

Product Launch


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