Size Guide

These are general size guidelines - 

Please refer to the product page of the design you ordered or interested in for size recommendations for a specific design.

Most designs are individually hand-made, to order - 1 by 1 ... nothing mass-produced here. It is very important we make you the perfect size the first time around so please carefully double-check the sizing.

We based our size measured tightly around the wrist - without any play as per the photos below.

Not all bracelets are created equal! They vary when closed - so it is best not to base your choice on a piece of jewellery you may already have.

All our lengths are quoted with the clasp closed and fastened, not end-to-end. This gives you a more accurate "as-worn" measurement. Eg excluding one side of the clasp that is lost when closed. Please see the photo below.

If you are unsure about sizes and need help please contact us right away and we'll be happy to help