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15mm Woven Snake Necklace

15mm Woven Snake Necklace

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This Snake Weave Necklace Chain has a scale-like weave - this is where the name originates

Finely woven a very secure double locking neat flush-looking clasp. Rounded on the top face with a flat inside makes this design super comfortable to wear.

- Weight = Approx 234 grams based on the standard length of 20 inch

- Width = 15mm

 * The above measurements can vary slightly.

Please note - this may not sit completely flat on the neck because the link is tight and not as fluid as most designs. The will depend on the neck size.

Occasionally we have this one ready-made.

Made from Quality SOLID 925 Sterling Silver.  

Guarantee & Returns

We are pleased to offer exchanges for your purchase if you are not completely satisfied, provided it is a stock item and NOT a custom-made order. It is always better working together to get it perfect first tine around.

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Lead & Shipping Times

It is best to allow normal 6 weeks from the date of order. This and most designs are individually hand-made, to order - 1 by 1 ... nothing mass-produced here :-)There is a reasonable chance it could be ready earlier than normal, however, best to think of that as a bonus, if this is the case.

If your order has urgent deadline please contact us

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