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30mm Figaro Link Necklace Chain

30mm Figaro Link Necklace Chain

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This Heavy Silver Chain Necklace was made as a very special order for a customer who likes something unique. It’s a MASSIVE Figaro link, 30mm wide necklace, measuring around 26 inches in length and about 1 inch wide! 

The links are around 8 mm thick… yes, 8mm! Each link is around 1.25 inches long, & every third link is a little longer, at around 1.75 inches.

Made from top quality SOLID 925 STERLING SILVER. Normally, a heavy silver chain necklace like this weighs around 1.2 KG- 1.3 KG + that’s over 39 ounces! HUGE... absolutely MASSIVE!

If you have a special order you are thinking of, please ask me for a quote. They are all made to special order. As you can see, they are not the normal wimpy ones you get on the high street!

Guarantee & Returns

We are pleased to offer exchanges for your purchase if you are not completely satisfied, provided it is a stock item and NOT a custom-made order. It is always better working together to get it perfect first tine around.

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Lead & Shipping Times

It is best to allow normal 6 weeks from the date of order. This and most designs are individually hand-made, to order - 1 by 1 ... nothing mass-produced here :-)There is a reasonable chance it could be ready earlier than normal, however, best to think of that as a bonus, if this is the case.

If your order has urgent deadline please contact us

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