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Mens Barbed Wire Bangle

Mens Barbed Wire Bangle

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SOLID 925 Sterling Silver Barbed Wire Bangle.

Beautifully HANDMADE to outstanding quality...

This is a stunning work of art, and very unusual design... very nice... stand out from the crowd!!!

Spec below is Based on a Medium Size:

- The total gap on the opening is around 3.5 cm.

- Thickness of the wire part (two wires together) is about 8mm.

- Weight: around 66 - 80 grams  - this can vary a little.

- The diameter at the smallest inside point is around 6.8 cm. 

- Gauge of each barb stand is around 4mm.

 Recommended Sizes (important, as these, come up big)

Small ( 65mm diameter )- good for a wrist around 7 inches

Medium ( 70mm diameter ) - Good for wrist 7.5 to 8.5 inches. 

Large 75mm diameter ) - Good for wrist 9 - inch. 

The above spec is based on the medium size version. Smaller & Larger sizes are available upon special request and made to order.

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Guarantee & Returns

We are pleased to offer exchanges for your purchase if you are not completely satisfied, provided it is a stock item and NOT a custom-made order. It is always better working together to get it perfect first tine around.

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Lead & Shipping Times

It is best to allow normal 6 weeks from the date of order. This and most designs are individually hand-made, to order - 1 by 1 ... nothing mass-produced here :-)There is a reasonable chance it could be ready earlier than normal, however, best to think of that as a bonus, if this is the case.

If your order has urgent deadline please contact us

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