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Monster, Huge, Mens Silver Bracelet x 60mm Wide !

Monster, Huge, Mens Silver Bracelet x 60mm Wide !

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The World's Biggest Bracelet?

Men's Chunky, Sterling Silver Bracelet - SILVER CURB DESIGN.

This is an exceptionally large design. 

Each link is approximately

- 60mm wide

- 1.5 inches (38mm) long

- 10mm thick

Made from SOLID 925 top quality silver.

The shortest length which can be made is 9 inches. This length fitted my small, 7" wrist nicely. Any shorter, and it will not close because of the VAST thickness. 

We would recommend you order around 2 inches longer than your actual wrist.

Can you imagine how many heads this will turn?

VERY HEAVY & VERY HIGH-QUALITY MOTHER OF SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT BRACELETS. Typically the weight for a 9 inch will be around 700 grams.

*Please note the exact weight can vary from item to item.

Features an extra STRONG Box Clasp.

As of writing, there has only ever one bracelet made identical to this. This is an exclusive from Silverwow.

This design can also be made into a necklace chain version. The weight & price of other lengths will be pro-rata. Anklet have also be made if you would like to wear this design around you ankle.

***WARNING*** Be careful that you understand exactly how heavy 700 grams + is! This Bracelet is SERIOUSLY heavy!


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It is best to allow normal 6 weeks from the date of order. This and most designs are individually hand-made, to order - 1 by 1 ... nothing mass-produced here :-)There is a reasonable chance it could be ready earlier than normal, however, best to think of that as a bonus, if this is the case.

If your order has urgent deadline please contact us

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